Precision Welding

Our NADCAP accredited welding capabilities on various metals such as carbon steel, aluminium, and stainless steel enable us to weld small and large components using TIG, and MIG Welding equipment.

All of our operators are certified internally and by third party to qualify their capability to perform a sound weld on varying materials and thicknesses.

We offer precision Aerospace and Commercial welding capabilities for prototype, small and large production runs.


Equipped with state of the art CAM Software and 5th axis machining capability, Our programmers can conceptualize tooling requirements and develop solutions for fixturing and machining in an expeditious manner.

Capabilities include 5th axis milling, 5th axis and live machining turning, conventional milling, conventional turning, ans manual machining capabilities.

The high standards for machining and quality allow for tight tolerance standards for long and short runs on Carbon Steel, Aluminum, Titanium, Stainless Steel, Plastics, and other exotic materials.


Our sheet metal fabrication capabilities are full service from CNC Laser cutting to CNC Brake forming and assembly. Services also include Tube Bending and Saw Cutting to mention a few.

Our Laser’s extended ‘Z’ capability allows for 4th axis, tube cutting, or cutting come assemblies. We can laser cut carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, plastics, wood, quartz glass, and many other materials including exotics. The rotary 4th axis gives precision angular cutting without multiple setups saving time and money.

Customer Partnership

Partnering Pure-Logic and its Customers provides an environment where problem solving and cost reductions can be easily implemented.  We excel in working closely with our customers in an effort to find the most viable solution to issues that arise during prototype and production levels of manufacturing.  

We will be there at every stage of a products evolution.  Pure-Logic is a committed partner from Conceptualization, Design, Prototype, Testing, Tooling, Production, and Shipping

Supply Chain Management

For customer specific needs regarding production planning and product delivery, Pure-Logic can work closely with customers to establish and manage a supply chain.

Our approach to Supply Chain Management is to evaluate multiple factors which contribute to inventory costs. Taking these factors into account, we plan lot sizing and delivery with customers to minimize these costs without compromising product availability.

Our NADCAP accredited Suppliers are evaluated regularly for quality and delivery giving us the best ability to succeed together.

Turn-Key and Assembly

The ability to produce a completed assembly, using rivet’s, PEM’s, or other hardware is a great advantage to our customer base.

We have many NADCAP accredited Supplier relationships for services that include Heat Treat, Water Jet Cutting, Anodizing, Chemfilming, Electroless Nickle Plating, Powder Coating, Painting, Zinc Plating, Silk Screening, and many other processes.

We can supply a completed product, ready to ship on to the final user with the confidence that the contents are correct and secure. Combined with all of the services offered, we are the “One Stop Shop” ready to offer Innovative Manufacturing and Development Solutions to all our customers.

Custom Tooling

As part of our services, Pure-Logic can develop and manufacture tooling to suit the needs of multiple industries. These services provide concept all the way through to functional testing.

In cases where there is no standard tooling available, we regularly manufacture in house tooling and innovative setups that can minimize customer costs and produce a more consistent part.


Pure-Logic utilizes years of experience and ingenuity in providing Prototyping services.  We have the capability of manufacturing fully functional Prototypes or Mock up models in a relatively short period of time.  Our inexpensive tooling technologies allow for short runs of components in a given project.  Our Prototyping services can also include Assembly and Testing.

Quality Assurance

Quality is a main component of Pure-Logic Industries. This is exemplified by our continual improvement processes working hand in hand with AS9100 / ISO9001 and NADCAP processes.

Using all of the calibrated tools at our disposal, including CMM, Comparator, Height Gages, Micrometers, and Calipers to name a few, we are confident in our capability to measure many products

See what we do.

Full Service Manufacturing

As a High Tech Manufacturing organization, our mission is to facilitate our customers “Lean Manufacturing” goals and to provide a “One-Stop shop” solution for Original Equipment Manufacturers (O.E.M.’s) seeking to consolidate their vendor base. Pure-Logic Industries, Inc. will evaluate product features and collaborate with our customer on product enhancements and cost management enabling our customers to meet or exceed their mission goals. With this partnership mentality, we aim to cultivate mutually beneficial relationships with a selective, yet diversified, customer base and establish ourselves as a Production Line oriented manufacturer.