“Pure-Logic was referred to us by another supplier a few years ago. They build welded assemblies for us. Our work requires ITAR Registration and military competence. That is exactly Pure-Logic’s forte, and that is why they are our ‘Go To guys’. Pure-Logic is unique in that they are very skilled at looking at incomplete/inaccurate prints and cleaning them up. This instinct is not common with other shops. I can give them complex projects and I know that they have the engineering/design talent to build the product perfectly. We are delighted that Pure-Logic recently certified to the ISO9001/AS9100 standard. Though they were doing the quality work before certifying, this just makes my job easier from an audit and paperwork standpoint. I envy Pure-Logic because not only are they expert in military and defense, but they have diversified into so many other industries, including medical and bio-pharmaceutical. They are well positioned to grow with their strength in so many industries. If you need high quality expert weldments for aerospace or medical, Pure-Logic is an excellent vendor. In fact, I don’t think that Pure-Logic, with all of its capabilities, really has any direct competition in the Phoenix market.”
Manager New Product Introduction,
Aerospace Manufacturer
“We have been using Pure-Logic for a number of years now; from welded assemblies to Research and Development builds. Pure-Logic is extremely thorough and has an excellent customer service team. One of Pure-Logic’s strengths is in their design capabilities. They provide excellent feedback and callout potential manufacturing issues prior to production builds. They are available to support companies with machining, bending, welding and other services.Pure-Logic is also competitive in their pricing and they provide realistic, on-time service and delivery --they won’t commit to a timeframe they can’t meet.”
Strategic Sourcing Manager,
Aerospace and Defense Contractor
“We’ve been using Pure-Logic for more than 10 years now. They make a lot of bent metal fabricated parts and assemblies. We don’t go to any other suppliers for these parts because Pure-Logic has all the equipment in-house, from tube benders to laser cutters, literally all of the equipment needed to make our parts. They are much more than a fabricator. We view them as a design partner, and frequently we brainstorm new concepts with them. They are a collaboration partner, and this is such a bonus for us. Parts we get from Pure-Logic is always done right, and their pricing is very competitive. Sometimes we push them very hard with rush jobs, and they do a good job in meeting our rush schedules. Pure-Logic is outstanding.”
Industrial Automation Manufacturer
“Our company has been utilizing Pure-Logic’s services for more than a decade now. They build very complex sub-assemblies for our medical devices. We don’t have another supplier who does what Pure-Logics does for us. They do the welding, machining, final inspection and test, but they also coordinate with external suppliers for the special processing. We view them as a mini-contract supplier for us. Because of their quality and on-time record, Pure-Logic is dock to stock. Perhaps what is most outstanding about Pure-Logic is that they always come up with creative solutions to help to keep our costs down. We trust them. Mike came to me and told me that our tooling was old and was creating more scrap than should occur. He said if we made some new tooling, we could reduce the piece price dramatically. This is the kind of collaboration we do with Pure-Logic. They are a partner, not a supplier.”
Senior Director Global Supply Chain,
Medical Device Manufacturer

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