Mike Hughes launched Pure-Logic in 1996 with his first customer, also his employer. He rented a 1400 square foot facility in Tempe, Arizona giving Pure-Logic Industries it’s first shop to work out of. The first 2 ½ years entailed working both at another local aerospace manufacturing facility during the day, and building Pure-Logic Industries in the evenings and weekends. Mike credits his military training in the Navy for affording him the stamina to keep up this relentless schedule over that time in order to start the business we have now.


In building Pure-Logic Industries Inc., an early goal was to establish a small but diverse customer base. The intent was to develop an enduring and successful business for the benefit of both its employees and customers alike. In this business concept, having a firm foundation but a relatively small group of customers has provided for opportunities to deliver the best level of customer service.


Over the years, Mike has assembled a team of professionals driven to provide manufacturing services with the integrity required for military, aerospace, and medical industries in producing products that save lives everyday. The prideful workmanship and attention to detail that each team member has contributed over the years has been instrumental in our sustained success.


From a community aspect, Mike spearheads Pure-Logic’s involvement in furthering education by participating in state education advisory committees and by sponsoring the TIG Welding component of the state Skills USA competition. In this capacity, Pure Logic has designed and fabricated the custom weld projects and provided company personnel each year to manage and facilitate the competition.


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